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Faculty on Panel


Kapil lives on a fundamental premise that -­‚Äź  "You can only truly enjoy work when work is fun". With this in mind, Kapil's philosophy at the workplace is to & "do new things every day, bring

better changes to work place, innovate and you will enjoy your work". Armed with the experience of working with some of the top notch organizations in India, he knows the benefits

that positive attitude and motivation can bring to one's personal and professional life.

He has designed, developed, and implemented a wide range of modules ranging from Culture pieces, Communication, Creativity, Team Effectiveness, Customer Service, Stress

Management, to Behavioural Training. Apart from content development.

Kapil’s core areas of strength are in the domain of the following soft skills:

o Communication Skills

o Interpersonal skills

o Presentation Skills

o Team Building Skills

o Personality development

o Work Life Balance



“Charming”, “superbly articulate” and “extremely witty” are descriptions used by participants about training programmes delivered by Sagar Choudhary. With over 11 years of experience in

conducting training, Sagar has developed his strengths to become an exemplary communicator and presenter. Sagar has a solid ability to connect with his participants and build rapport quickly

and easily.

He says “A person with a sportsman’s attitude will keep on learning, will adapt himself to various situations, and make a winning environment for himself and for his colleagues.

Armed with excellent communication skills, Sagar creates lasting impressions in the minds of his audience and maintains a good balance between content and methodology.

Sagar’s versatility is demonstrated by his ability to conduct training in various subject matters including:

  • Managerial Skills
  • Teambuilding
  • Sales