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Session on “Guidelines for Managing Patients in Oncology during the COVID-19 Pandemic” - 7:00 PM IST on Saturday, 21st November 2020

The Global Indian Physicians Collaborative Session on 'Guidelines for Managing Patients in Oncology during the COVID-19 Pandemic ' at 7:00 PM IST on Saturday,21st November 2020 

comprehensive 60-minute session on Guidelines for Managing Patients in Oncology during the COVID-19 Pandemic”, is being organized by 'The Global Indian Physicians Collaborative' at 7:00 PM IST on Saturday, 21st November 2020 through zoom to keep abreast of the latest developments.  



Reputed well known speakers from UK, USA and India will cover the guidelines in Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncology as well as guidelines in young adult cancer and geriatric cancer.

We invite you to join the session.


Please click on the following link to join the session through zoom.


The corresponding time in different times zones will be 6:30 AM PST, 8:30 AM CST, 9:30 AM EST, 1:30 PM BST (UK) and 12:30 AM (Australia). Please check when the daylight-saving time will start in your country.  

The program of the session is given below.   

We have 1000 places to join the meeting through ZOOM on first come first served basis.

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