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Free Medical Health Checkup Camp at Kurukshetra - GAPIO

Free Medical Health Checkup Camp done on 6th January 2017 at university Health Centre, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.

“Our health is our greatest treasure”. Taking care of our health is utmost important for everyone. But in our daily life, we keep on looking for excuses to not visit our doctor. Be it for saving money or for other reasons like I am too young and healthy to go to a doctor or I don’t have time today; may be next week, I’ll get an appointment, and hence we keep on ignoring our health.

We do not understand a simple fact that performing regular health check – ups from young age can actually save many lives. Saving some bucks today by ignoring periodic check-ups, we increase the risk of occurrence of several health issues in future.

In order to raise the awareness regarding regular health check-ups, so as to improve the quality of life and enjoy good health throughout your life & on the occasion of 350th Birthday of Guru Govind Singh Ji , a free medical health check-up camp was organised by GAPIO member Dr Ashish Aneja in association with GAPIO & DWS for faculty, staff and students on 6th January ,2017 (10:00 AM to 3: 00 PM) at University health centre , K. U. Kurukshetra. Free consultation by me along with free blood sugar testing , blood pressure , HbA1c , Lipid profile , BMI and Bone density were done.

Approximate more than 100 faculty members, staff and students from all the branches and Institutes came for the Health Check-Up. Many of them were diagnosed Pre-Diabetic for the first time. Many of them have a very high BMI and their Sr. Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels are very high due to sedentary life style. Prevalent diseases found in the said camp are Gastrointestinal Disorder, Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension and Osteoporosis. Doctor advised them various medicines and consultation and lifestyle modification & balanced diet to prevent many sedentary lifestyle related disorders during the camp. 


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