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Free Medical Health Checkup Camp Car–free Day 2017- GAPIO

Free Medical Health Checkup Camp done on 7th February 2017.

Free Medical Health Checkup Camp done on 7th February 2017.

On the occasion of car–free day to make environment eco-friendly and world cancer week, a free health check up camp was organised by Dr. Ashish Aneja in association with GAPIO and DWS on 7th Feb., 2017 (10 am to 2pm) at u.h.c, k.u.kurukshetra. Free tests including blood glucose, BMI, blood pressure, ecg, liver profile test and neuropathic testing were done in this camp .               

On this occasion, Dr. Ashish Aneja told that cancer is the biggest killer worldwide so to overcome this deadly disease we have to make strategy to fight against cancer as well as distributing the real message about this epidemic disease and its treatments including its precautionary measures by uniting all the people a day on global basis. It is celebrated to plan some new strategies as well as implement some new programs which help to aware more people about this disease.                      

More than 250 faculty members, staff and students from all the branches and institutes came for the health check-up. Many of them were diagnosed hypertensive for the first time. Many of them have a very high bmi and their liver enzymes were on higher level due to sedentary life style and junk food habits. Prevalent diseases found in the said camp are anxiety, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, low back pain and osteoarthritis. Free consultation by the doctors was given to the employees and students of the university. They also advised lifestyle modification & balanced diet and avoid junk food habits to prevent many sedentary lifestyle related disorders during the camp. Camp was successfully organized under the guidance of hon’ble vice chancellor Dr Kailash Chand Sharma.

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