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Free Medical Health Checkup Camp on National Doctors' Day 2017 - GAPIO

Free Medical Health Checkup Camp done on 07th July 2017.

Free Medical Health Checkup Camp done on 07th July 2017.

On the occasion of National Doctors' Day that is celebrated on July 1 all across India , A Free health check-up camp was organised by Dr AshishAneja in the University Health Centre ,K. U . Kurukshetra on 7th July , 2017 in association with GAPIO. In this camp ,ECG, Blood Glucose testing , Blood Pressure, Weight, BMI, Hb, Neuropathic testing, Liver Function Test, B M D & ABI testing were done free of cost for all employees, students and their relatives. Free consultation was also provided to all from the doctors of Columbia Asia Hospital with free medicine distribution.

Dr AshishAneja told that we have to face a lot of difficulties in treating common metabolic disorders due to lack of awareness among patients. So in order to cope up with this situation regular follow up and life style modification and proper medication is necessary. Viral fever & Diarrhoea are on peak now a days so to avoid them we have to be fit enough to avoid these infections and follow some simple steps like frequent hand wash , regular citrus fruits, yoga & avoid intake of fast food and drink water after boiling . Dr AshishAneja told that due to sedentary life style and nutritional imbalances Depression, Diabetes ,Hytertension and Heart Failure is increasing day by day so regular brisk walk,jogging or dancing for atleast 30 minutes a day is enough to prevent life style related disorders. Do’not go in for strenuous exercises as they release stress hormones which are harmful for the body.Vitamin D deficiency is increasingly being recognisd as a common problem now a days so frequent check up is also required for the same to prevent bone and joint related disorders. Camp was successfully organised under the guidance of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr Kailash Chandra Sharma.

On this occasion KUTA President Dr Sanjeev Sharma and Administrator Dr Ashok Aggarwal were also present.

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